31 May 2011

Yet Another Fairystory

So after finishing my first fairytale-esque set earlier this evening, I couldn't help but start another, and so that's what I'm doing, except this is originally meant to be fairytale as opposed to staring out life as an idea on an elven theme.  Well, this is based on a modern fairytale rebellion, life built on material belongings, I'm not sure if it's going to turn out how I planned but as I'm experimenting with new layouts and fashions.
I also hope to begin posting some more instructions on how to use the site, Polyvore .


So my set is finally completed with the help of my great friend, Imi, but the elven theme really developed into more of a fairy/fairytale style.  It has such a rustic and vintage vibe to it and seems to emanate the theme of freedom - my set I Do Believe In Fairies,

I'm so happy with my new set!

30 May 2011

Back Again!

It's been several months since I really did anything on Polyvore worth speaking of, but over the last couple of days I've begun to start using it again and at the moment I'm slowly putting together a new set based on the theme and style of elves, with some help of a friend.  Here are a couple of new pictures I'll be using on the set