1 January 2012

Colour Coordinating 1 - Black

The choice of colours used in a set is the first decision, and one of the most important, that you'll make during the creation process, so it's key you have a clear, defined and suitable colour choice.  Each set of colours that you choose will convey a different tone and style, so you need to be sure you pick the right ones in order for the set to reflect what you wanted.
When choosing colours you need to think of their connotations, what they mean, and avoid the ones which don't work with what you're trying to achieve.  

Black - If using black you need to be careful how you use it, in many cases it darkens a sets mood and tone, so wouldn't be the right choice if you wanted to make a light and fluffy fairy set, yet it would work well if you wanted to add some rockability to any set in the way of a studded bracelet for a night out or a pair of converse for a casual style.
It's also a good contrast colour, it makes other colours stand out and it gives a feeling of depth and perspective, a black dress flattens and slims the wearer.

Black is associated with;
Death and funeral attire, fear,  grief - Normally a very negative colour yet it also shows elegance, formality, power (think black suits and black cars), mystery and authority

Alternatives: If you want a colour that will go with everything. like black, but don't want to darken the piece then another good choice if silver.  It can give a glamorous touch to an everyday outfit or, if used with jewellery, a hint of sophistication.