1 January 2012

Colour Coordinating 1 - Black

The choice of colours used in a set is the first decision, and one of the most important, that you'll make during the creation process, so it's key you have a clear, defined and suitable colour choice.  Each set of colours that you choose will convey a different tone and style, so you need to be sure you pick the right ones in order for the set to reflect what you wanted.
When choosing colours you need to think of their connotations, what they mean, and avoid the ones which don't work with what you're trying to achieve.  

Black - If using black you need to be careful how you use it, in many cases it darkens a sets mood and tone, so wouldn't be the right choice if you wanted to make a light and fluffy fairy set, yet it would work well if you wanted to add some rockability to any set in the way of a studded bracelet for a night out or a pair of converse for a casual style.
It's also a good contrast colour, it makes other colours stand out and it gives a feeling of depth and perspective, a black dress flattens and slims the wearer.

Black is associated with;
Death and funeral attire, fear,  grief - Normally a very negative colour yet it also shows elegance, formality, power (think black suits and black cars), mystery and authority

Alternatives: If you want a colour that will go with everything. like black, but don't want to darken the piece then another good choice if silver.  It can give a glamorous touch to an everyday outfit or, if used with jewellery, a hint of sophistication.

2 June 2011

In Under 2 Hours!

This afternoon I created another set, the first set I've done in UNDER 2 HOURS!
I was limited to this because it was for a competition for a group I have just joined and their most recent competition was due to end in just under 2 hours, I had no sets that matched the requirements of containing red, pink or floral dress and so I set out to create a new one.  
It roughly follows the same lines of the other sets I have created recently, being rather indie and vintage in style and set in very beautiful backgrounds of nature, this one being a rose garden.

The set will not be posted on here yet as I still need to edit it to perfection, but it will up soon.  For the time being I'll post a link to it HERE.

Part of the background for the new set

31 May 2011

Yet Another Fairystory

So after finishing my first fairytale-esque set earlier this evening, I couldn't help but start another, and so that's what I'm doing, except this is originally meant to be fairytale as opposed to staring out life as an idea on an elven theme.  Well, this is based on a modern fairytale rebellion, life built on material belongings, I'm not sure if it's going to turn out how I planned but as I'm experimenting with new layouts and fashions.
I also hope to begin posting some more instructions on how to use the site, Polyvore .


So my set is finally completed with the help of my great friend, Imi, but the elven theme really developed into more of a fairy/fairytale style.  It has such a rustic and vintage vibe to it and seems to emanate the theme of freedom - my set I Do Believe In Fairies,

I'm so happy with my new set!

30 May 2011

Back Again!

It's been several months since I really did anything on Polyvore worth speaking of, but over the last couple of days I've begun to start using it again and at the moment I'm slowly putting together a new set based on the theme and style of elves, with some help of a friend.  Here are a couple of new pictures I'll be using on the set

17 November 2010

Instructions - How To add Pictures To The Polyvore Database

On polyvore if you can't find the item you want in the database of pictures already uploaded you can use the 'clip' tool to get the pictures yourself.

This works by you first downloading the clip tool onto your favourites bar - don't worry this takes a few seconds and is completely safe to do.

  You then find a picture on the internet that you want to add to the polyvore database and use.  
You click the clip tool on the favourites bar and a small box will appear in the top right hand corner of the browser - this will work on google chrome

 then click the picture you want to add - if they are items of clothes it works better if they are on a white background - and its details will appear in the small box that appeared, you add tags and a name and save it.

When you go back to the set you're creating on polyvore click the tab that say 'My Items' and the new item should be there - it may not appear right away and if it doesn't give it a little time to load.

And that's how you add pictures to polyvore - my newest item, Framing Hanley hoodie

Note: Pictures can not be taken from some websites due to active copyright blocks - e.g. photobucket, picasa - but you can take them from most websites including Blogger