17 November 2010

Instructions - How To add Pictures To The Polyvore Database

On polyvore if you can't find the item you want in the database of pictures already uploaded you can use the 'clip' tool to get the pictures yourself.

This works by you first downloading the clip tool onto your favourites bar - don't worry this takes a few seconds and is completely safe to do.

  You then find a picture on the internet that you want to add to the polyvore database and use.  
You click the clip tool on the favourites bar and a small box will appear in the top right hand corner of the browser - this will work on google chrome

 then click the picture you want to add - if they are items of clothes it works better if they are on a white background - and its details will appear in the small box that appeared, you add tags and a name and save it.

When you go back to the set you're creating on polyvore click the tab that say 'My Items' and the new item should be there - it may not appear right away and if it doesn't give it a little time to load.

And that's how you add pictures to polyvore - my newest item, Framing Hanley hoodie

Note: Pictures can not be taken from some websites due to active copyright blocks - e.g. photobucket, picasa - but you can take them from most websites including Blogger

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  1. for some reason the clipper doesn't work on some websites. I tested it on Asos to make sure the button was working and it was, but then I went back to the original site and it said 'unable to clip this item'. For example, I tried to clip this product, but got the error. Any ideas?